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It is no secret that event management has become one of the most powerful marketing tools of our time. The fundamental concepts of planning for a corporate event remain the same, whether it is an annual general meeting, gala dinner, corporate conference or product launch. However, it is up to you to hire the right corporate event planner because the event’s success will be largely hinged on who you choose. There are several factors to consider when selecting a company to help you arrange your event. You need a company that knows what you want and can deliver it. If you make the wrong decision, you could find yourself in a lot of trouble.

With this in mind, D&J Events has come up with the things to look for when hiring a corporate event planning company in Miami.

1. Identify Your Needs First and Foremost

Finding an event planner begins with a clear understanding of what you want to achieve. Decide on your event’s goals and objectives. Is the purpose of the event to launch a product? Do you wish to foster a positive work environment? Think of the big picture when planning your event. Once you have got a planner, you will be able to discuss the specifics.

Next, outline your expectations for the event planner, including what you want them to achieve, as well as the budget you are willing to allocate to ensure that the event is a success. The price of using the services of an event planner will vary depending on the specific tasks that need to be accomplished. In most cases, event planners select the location, solicit speakers and entertainment and give alternatives for food and beverages.

2. Make an Effort to Identify if the Planner Has the Right Skills

Corporate event planning is not for everyone, considering how demanding, tiring and stressful it can be. There is always a likelihood of something going wrong when it comes to event planning. When an unexpected problem arises, keeping your event on course can be extremely difficult. Therefore, choosing an event planner with the right skills to handle potential complications is essential.

Planning an event for a company requires a planner who has excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Speaking with stakeholders, your staff and vendors is an integral part of their job. You want a planner who can help you remain on top of your finances, so make sure they are organized, fast and good with numbers. Also, do not overlook the importance of curiosity and creativity, which are just as important as time management.

D&J Events is an event planner who listens to the client’s needs and wants, knows how to change things up and come up with creative events, has good vendor relationships and is good at problem and crisis solving.

3. General and Relevant Experience

These days, you will not be surprised to discover people with no expertise advertising themselves as event planners just because they helped organize a small event at their schools or houses. When you combine these factors with the fact that it is relatively simple and fast to create a website that seems professional, you have the makings of an extremely convincing con.

This con game has been successful in deceiving both businesses and individuals, as we have seen firsthand. It is wise to inquire about the company’s level of experience. Examine the event planner’s portfolio before deciding to hire them. Deficiencies in their portfolio ought to send up warning signals.

Companies specializing in event management often have a wealth of relevant experience up their sleeves. It is rare for an event management company to excel in every aspect of event planning and management. Look for a business that specializes in company event planning. Organizing corporate events is D&J Events’ area of specialty.

4. Testimonials

Working with a planner with a proven track record of providing excellent service to their clients is of the utmost importance. If a company is already doing a fantastic job and wants to do even more of it, it should openly showcase customer endorsements prominently on its website and in other marketing materials. If they fail to show you some of their satisfied customers, do not hesitate to inquire.

Request testimonials from the company’s prior customers, and if at all possible, ask if you can communicate with those customers on a one-on-one basis. If a company consistently sees repeat business from the same clients, there is a high chance there is something they are doing well.

At D&J Events, we highly value building long-term relationships with our customers. Whenever a potential new client inquires about testimonials, we are thrilled.

Have you been googling for the best corporate events planner near me? Do not be fooled by nice suits and marketing jargon when choosing an event planner. Inquire about their previous work and the people they claim to have served. Do not fall for a beautifully designed website thinking the company is trustworthy. Ask for experience level, testimonials from satisfied clientele and get to know if they are correctly insured.

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