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Corporate holiday parties are a great tool to bring all levels of employees together to celebrate and educate in a more informal environment. Perhaps the most important factor of a corporate holiday party pertains to ‘company culture’. What is company culture you ask? It is the personality of your business that encompasses work environment, company morals and ethics, management styles, expectations, education, and much more. Culture is also closely linked to the reputation of the company and employee retention. 

So how does a corporate holiday event improve company culture? They boost morale, they can unite office subcultures, provide a space for recognition, and allow for interactions amongst all levels of leadership and management. Most importantly, they can give the opportunity to leaders within the company to reinforce ideal or preferred company culture amongst employees. At D&J Events, we strive to execute every detail precisely so we encapsulate the ideal company culture you want to express. Which holiday will you choose to host your next holiday event?

Halloween Corporate Holiday Parties

Halloween is a really fun occasion to host a corporate holiday party because it creates an informal environment for everyone to interact and can provide a light-hearted laugh when seeing all of your colleagues’ costumes. There are many ideas that go with the halloween theme such as haunted houses and ghost tours which are sure to ignite some laughs, screams and team bonding moments. 

Thanksgiving Corporate Holiday Parties

Whether Thanksgiving is something you do or not, it is a great excuse to host a corporate lunch or dinner to give thanks to your employees and their achievements. Now we know that usually people spend Thanksgiving day with their families, so it’s important to take that into consideration when contemplating this type of event. However, just like the feeling you get with your family, giving thanks to your employees not only feels great but can boost company morale and culture.

Christmas Corporate Holiday Parties

Christmas corporate holiday parties are a favorite! December is always one of the busiest months for event planners as everyone wants to throw their company Christmas party. Christmas parties are perfect for companies as you are able to host the event just before employees usually take a small break to enjoy time with their family and friends. Even if you don’t celebrate Chirtsmas, it is still a great way to engage all of your employees and close out the year for the company. Often people are in good spirits during this time as quarter four is coming to an end and organizations can celebrate successes and achievements throughout the year. Of course, event planner’s have a field day during this time as Christmas parties are always a lot of fun to plan and design.

End of Year Corporate Holiday Parties

As an alternative to a corporate Christmas soiree, an ‘end of year’ company event is just as fun. This type of event can occur at any time approaching the end of the year, and is a nice substitute if a Christmas party does not fit in with your company culture. It is important to be mindful that many people for cultural and religious reasons do not actually celebrate Christmas, so in this way you can still hold a great event while still keeping your employees beliefs in mind. As an idea, you could incorporate different cultural symbols for end of year traditions into your event to speak to inclusivity.

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