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Our Client's Success is Our Success

With over 15 years in the event industry and even more in business management, both in the United States and overseas, we are armed with the experience needed to create seamless events and unforgettable memories. When our clients choose us to produce their event, we know we are gearing towards success. Simply put, your success is our success. We know that a successful event can only happen when we both collaborate and come together. Of course, you leave the nitty gritty to us and we’ll make the magic happen!

We are not only best friends and business partners, but we consider each other family. In this way, we like to run our business like a family owned company. Our promise is to listen to YOUR needs, desires, hopes, and wishes and place these above anything else. Armed with this, we can deliver you the ‘wow’ effect and never the ‘ow’ effect, as creativity and passion for this profession have always guided us to the best outcomes. Finally, we will always keep doing what we do best: Produce Happiness. For you!

About the Team


Director & Event Producer

Originally from Israel, Doron has worked all over Europe and the United States in the event industry, contributing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the business. From a young age, his enthusiasm for event production and his natural creativity have guided him throughout his career. His innovative ideas, unbridled imagination, and ability to create something out of nothing, have gained Doron recognition in the industry.


Director & Event Producer

Originating from Australia, Joshua hails from a hometown rich in diversity, instilling a deep appreciation and understanding of different cultures and traditions. With a strong drive for success, he has always pushed boundaries in business in order to achieve the best outcome. His drive and ambition has helped him develop a strong work ethic and business acumen over years of accumulated experience in both startup businesses as well as in the event industry.

Company Values

Honesty & Integrity

We will always tell you the truth, whether it’s good or bad. For us, being honest and open is always the best policy, and that’s why you hired us - to guide you through the planning process and make your dreams come true, and that’s just what we’ll do!


We may be the guides and producers, but this is YOUR big day! We will never steer you towards anything you ultimately don’t want, and we are always open to your added input. Your voice is important to us, and we will make sure it has a big meaning to the end result.

Always Do What's Best for the Client

With every decision we make, we ask "what's best for our client?". Different clients have different needs and dreams, and it is our job to make sure to custom make the perfect event for you! We take in everything you propose and produce happiness with it. We know the importance of listening to our clients, and we're committed to making things better in every possible way.

Relationships Before Sales

The connection with our clients is based on strong relationship building, the same way we have started this business and based it on our deep friendship and shared values. We have no desire to make this relationship transactional or mistreat your trust as we know that you also invest your hopes and dreams of a special day with us. With this, we can build trust with our clients, and that means long-term and reliable relationships. This is our business model that works.

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